Thu | Jun 21, 2018

Stop illegal buses from transporting kids

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Who cares about three-, five-, or 10-year-old children travelling on illegal contract school buses? More than 30,000 of these children are being transported islandwide on these illegal contract school buses.

More than 60 per cent of this cohort of the public transport sector is illegal. The Transport Authority says it is regulating with vision, but it doesn't see these children in its line of vision. These children are not protected by the police, who swear to serve, protect and reassure.

I have contacted four print media journalists and they are not interested in doing any reporting on the matter. One journalist told me that she doesn't report on "cass-cass". All we were asking of her is to investigate the situation.

I am sure that if one of these illegal contract buses should have an accident and two of the children should die, all media houses would be jostling for space to report on the matter.

I think because these operators don't run red lights, don't stop at corners, don't cause traffic congestion or most of these operators are good drivers, then it is okay for them to operate illegally. These vehicles are not covered by insurance to transport children.

Will the media houses, who I think have parents with children in these age groups, investigate and report on the matter? Please!