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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | November 27, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Robbery spree?

Some people are waiting to hear the latest crime statistics, because it seems that robbery has escalated in the last few weeks. They say there is usually a spike during the festive season when consumerism is at its peak. In recent times, persons have been trailed from banks and held up, and even citizens walking along busy streets have been held up. Everyone needs to be careful at this time.

Black bargains

And the robbery spree is not confined to Jamaica. Recently, some Jamaicans out to rake in Black Friday bargains got the scare of their lives when a gunman struck a jewellery store in the upscale Aventura area of south Florida. Well, the story ended when the bandit got to the door. There were at least a half-dozen police vehicles awaiting him. That's the stark difference between here and there - the chances of getting away with crime is vastly reduced.

Declining dollar

There is a clamour in some quarters for the powers that be to take a look at the question of repatriation of profits in the face of a fast-declining dollar. Seems some business people are all pious about their love of country but their dollars are strengthening the economies of Brazil, The Bahamas and the Cayman Islands.

Stoking the fires

The talk around town this week had to do with what is the purpose of an Opposition. Well, it can certainly be anything the leadership wants it to be. The current Government demonstrated what a 'nightmare' Opposition looks like during its recent time as it set about stoking the fires of dissent and confusion. Many persons feel Mr Holness' Opposition is quite docile in comparison.