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Work begins to restore battered Portland roads

Published:Wednesday | November 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Emergency work has commenced for the restoration of sections of the Quatamala main road near Swift River in western Portland, which was damaged during heavy rains on Sunday.

A heavy-duty tractor, which was hired on spot by state minister for transport and works, Richard Azan, in collaboration with West Portland Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz, to assist with the removal of stones and other debris, has begun the process of trying to restore that roadway.

"It is worse than I thought," commented Azan. "This area will be treated as a priority and it is a large community. This roadway, which collapsed, has inconvenienced dozens of residents, including the young and the elderly. When the Quatamala river is in spate, residents are unable to leave that community and their homes are under threat."

The minister also toured several other communities, including Bybrooke, where several land slippages have occurred and two residents have been displaced after their two-bedroom concrete house was demolished during Sunday night's heavy rain.


The touring party was forced to cancel its visit to the community of Shirley Castle as the roadway leading there is blocked by a massive landslide.

According to Azan, the technical team from the transport and works ministry will visit Portland next week to determine the best way to tackle the devastation and to do a proper assessment on damages caused by the heavy rain fall, which also ravaged Swift River, Chepstowe, Duram, Skebo, White River, and Windsor.

Vaz lauded the quick response of the team from the transport and works ministry, which he said was asked to visit the ravaged communities at short notice.

- Gareth Davis