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St Bess says thanks

Published:Wednesday | November 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

St Elizabeth is enjoying a month of awards, concerts and community events as part of this year's Homecoming Week celebrations.

For 20 years, the annual event has promoted the cultural heritage of St Bess, as well as recognising and supporting the achievements of its every-growing communities.

The Students' Empowerment Week, which ran from November 5-15, has gone very well, according to Donna Parchment-Brown, head of the St Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation.

Throughout the period, some 100 St Elizabethans from different sectors of society visited the schools in the parish and talked about what they do and how they fulfilled their ambitions.

Two main events

Preparations are now taking place for the Homecoming Week's two main events - Sunday's Thanksgiving Service at St Mark's Anglican Church and the Best of St Bess Golden Awards to be held at The Pegasus hotel in Kingston tonight.

At the Golden Awards Ceremony, Laurna Wint will receive an award for her role in community outreach programmes, as well as her active involvement with the church.

The Reverend Godfrey Watson will receive an award for his work in promoting the welfare of young people and religion, as well as his involvement in several civic organisations in the parish and its schools.

Munro College, a school which has produced many national leaders, will receive an award to recognise its 150 years of service to St Elizabeth.

Information Minister Sandrea Falconer, former director of the Homecoming Foundation and guest speaker at the event, will receive an award to recognise her work as a distinguished media practitioner both in print and on screen.

Karl Hendrickson OJ, CD, will receive an award for his outstanding entrepreneurial work, creating a major national food business, as well as his contribution to the hotel industry and, in turn, Jamaica's tourism.

St Elizabeth Credit Union will receive an award in recognition of the financial support given to small businesses, agriculture and individuals in the community.

DiMario McDowell, singer/graphics specialist, will receive an award to celebrate the logo he created 20 years ago for the St Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation.