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Published:Thursday | November 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Should students be flogged for non-performance or lower-than-expected results in academic work?

The teachers should be graded and get retrained if the students have low pass results.

- PhillMartG

No, that is ridiculous. Flog them if they are wasting time and not doing any work after being spoken to repeatedly. Not if they are slow or struggling.

- Tangelony

Now, this I don't agree with, it's absurd. I don't see how it is corrective. I know it used to be done at the primary level.

- uNcLe_IvAnn

Yes, but only by the parents, not the teachers.

- LobsterCraigy

Not by a teacher, that decision should be left up to the parents if they believe the child is wasting time.

- quetal28

This indicates that something is wrong, it can range from lack of focus and retention, or the teaching strategy needs revising.

- alison_lett

How about holding parents responsible for not taking an active role in their children's education, starting point.

- Michael12812003

No, let the parents handle that. These teachers beat too hard. And who's to determine if the students tried their best?

- shye679

No, flogging should be reserved to help deter misconduct, but academic performance isn't such to warrant flogging.

- SmittyRoyal

It all depends on the situation; if the child has ADHD (no), if the child has a low IQ (no), if the child is idle (yes).

- authenticity01

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Should action be taken against teachers who use corporal punishment as a means to discipline students?

Might have to, but needs to be supervised, children getting out of hand with the disrespect.

- Ambesa Tesfa Negus

I don't think so ... corporal punishment should not be misused by teachers, but it's the one measure I see students really have some understanding of ...

- Innocent Stacy

Corporal punishment should be considered a form of assault against students. And teachers should be liable accordingly.

- Esteban Agosto Reid

Our society is getting worse and full of more so-called gangsters because of the lack of corporal punishment in schools. Students spend most of their lives around teachers and that is where the grooming should come from. You cannot punish a teacher when all they do is look out for the good in our children.

- Coulthurst Dwayne

There is a difference between corporal punishment and abuse. There is nothing wrong with corporal punishment. The Good Book made it quite clear that we should not spare the rod and spoil the child. I grew up under it and the society was much better than it is today.

- Lennox Rowe

I think not, because a little boy at the New Providence Primary lost one of his eyes because of it.

- Iona Bell

These children today need discipline. If a parent disagree, then take the child out and teach them yourselves. I grew up being disciplined and today both my first-grade and third-grade teachers still keep in contact.

- Arlene Martin

Rules are rules, if the Government says it is not allowed then it should not. My answer is yes, they should be punished.

- Phill Sharpe

Children are used to corporal punishment at home, so when they come to school, that's what they expect to get, if they are out of line, failing that, they would be boisterous and not fear authority. I need to hear about effective alternatives.

- La-Toya Clarke

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