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Awaken your senses at Jamaica Epicurean Escape

Published:Thursday | November 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A creation by Chef Dennis McIntosh.
Chef Lloyd Perterkin created this exotic fruit dish. Contributed

The salty air of the Richmond Estate will be fused this weekend with the rich aroma of the tantalising menu of dishes that more than 40 Jamaican and international chefs will prepare at the Gleaner-sponsored Jamaica Epicurean Escape.

We look forward to the interesting mix of food that international chefs Ted Reader, Lorraine Washington, Patricia Miranda Allen, Jorge Cerebros and the Trinidad and Tobago contingent will introduce. Ted Reader is the acknowledged "godfather of the grill". He uses simple ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions and lots and lots of fire to create knee-weakening recipes. He promises to dish up some succulent delicacies on his grill while Lorraine Washington and Patricia Miranda Allen will demonstrate how we can use what we grow to create tasty meals that are harmonious with nature. Our T&T sisters and brothers will serve up some delightful Trinidad cuisine that many Jamaicans have come to love - doubles, pelau and more.

a village

The venue will represent a village with different streets focusing on different types of cuisine. The largest is, of course, our Jamaican offerings which we call 'Out of Many' and which dishes up our 'Yaad-style' food prepared by some of our community groups from St Ann - Colgate, Alexandria and Content Gardens - groups who are well-known for their delicious traditional offerings of ackee and salt fish, roast yam, pepper pot soup, stew peas, gizzadas and sweet potato pudding (hell a top hell a bottom and hallelujah in the middle). The Fusion area of Out of Many presents our younger chefs who are combining our Jamaican favourites with the elements of other cultures and creating several interesting new dishes which demonstrate the Jamaican spirit of inclusion and sharing.

Another area of the Epicurean Village, the global experience, will give a taste of Indian, Chinese, Italian, African. For those who think vegetarian and vegan dishes are to be strictly consigned to the health-conscious and have no taste, they will come to understand the wide and delicious array of offerings they have been missing out on.

In our Gourmet Tasting Village, there will be top chefs trying to outdo each other. There is something for everyone at the Jamaica Epicurean Escape.

We understand that the children have their favourites and the sponsors of the Kiddies Village - Burger King, Kellogg's Snacks, Good Humour, and Juici Patties - will ensure that there will be food and snacks aplenty that they will enjoy, such as burgers, patties, cereal, ice cream, and more.

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