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Oral let's loose - Brings unique brand of commentary to the stage

Published:Thursday | November 29, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Oral Tracey

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

Known for his satirical sense of humour and his rambunctious personality, Oral Tracey is looking to parlay his experience with the short, but sweet, Sports Commentary on TVJ into an interactive and even more entertaining package called 'Let Loose'.

The first staging of the event is set to take place this Sunday at The Theatre Place in New Kingston beginning at 7 p.m. According to Tracey, Let Loose is meant to be a sort of live commentary event which he says will, not only provide a unique and fresh form of entertainment, but will also mark his coming out of the '3-minute TV box'.

Let Loose will see Tracey bringing his personality live and direct to the stage, which he admits might be a risky venture as there are many who do not agree with some of the things he has said on Sports Commentary and are looking to take this as a chance to voice their opinions.

"Some people don't know more than my torso to my head top, but I want to take it beyond that and interact with people and experience their reactions live." Tracey told The Gleaner, adding that he has had a long-time love for performing onstage.

Tracey revealed that, before his foray into the world of television, he was a songwriter and performed at many stage shows. He also added that a lot of what he brings to his TV segment comes from his background as a performer.

The vivacious character is now looking for more time.

"I have more to say than what can be condensed into three minutes," Tracey said.

Although he describes Let Loose as an extension of Sports Commentary, the TV personality pointed out that the event won't just be about sports, but will tackle hot topics under different motifs.

Joining Tracey on stage are Richie Stevens, Jodian Pantry, and last year's Tastee Talent Trail winner - Tru Soul.

Let Loose will also feature performances from comedian Lemon and Sean the Magician, who impressed Tracey in the Tastee Talent Trail competition in which he was a judge.

A paragon of unpredictability, Tracey was hush-hush about what patrons should expect from him onstage, but is adamant that the audience will leave richly entertained.

Let Loose is the first event staged under Tracey's company, Out Box Entertainment.

Though the show on Sunday is the only one planned definitively, Tracey is adamant that it won't be the last.

The sports commentator/comedian told The Gleaner he hopes to host the event every three months, at different locations across the island.

Tickets for Let Loose are available at Cuddy'z Sports Bar in New Kingston, and interested persons can also call the ticket hotline at 448-5363.