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Josephine McGann tests new sales strategy for egg farm

Published:Friday | November 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Josephine McGann ... has been named company secretary and is now in charge of McGann Farms. FILE

Avia Collinder, Business Reporter

The family-run Clinton McGann Farms Limited (CMFL), which at one time was a major player in the egg market, has downsized operations and is going through a management transition.

Daughter Josephine McGann has been appointed company secretary and taken over the management of the company on the semi-retirement of father Clinton McGann.

Josephine, in a hunt for synergies, has integrated the egg producer with her marketing, distribution and wholesale business, Just Jem's Delights.

"I have decided not only to retail and wholesale eggs from the location but to convert the business into a one-stop shopping establishment for all grocery needs and continue the tradition of offering the best prices to their consumers," she said.

Just Jem's, which was created in 2002, distributes liquors, water and groceries. It also does distribution in the Corporate Area under contract for other companies.

With the McGanns' main farm at Mavis Bank sold off in 2007, layers are now housed on family lands, also in Mavis Bank, with a smaller operation producing 150-200 cases of eggs per week.

Up to the late 1990s, CMFL was a top player in the national egg market, reportedly controlling 20-30 per cent of the sector.

"In 2009, the decision was made to downsize the business, and so the family main farm in Mavis Bank and the office at Collins Green were sold," said Josephine.

"McGanns, however, is still producing eggs on other family land in Mavis Bank and has relocated its office to 6 Central Avenue in Kingston. The farm produces the finest grade 'A' fresh brown eggs, which is what it is known for."

But the smaller company has been hit by competition and other business-related challenges.

"Although profitable, with taxes now on eggs and the increase in feed price we have had to cut back tremendously on expenses," McGann said.

Both CMFL and Just Jem's will continue to maintain their separate identifies.

"The company name is the same; the only changes is that I have been added as the company secretary," McGann said.

The farm has "loyal customers and it is a household name that is well known through generations."

She hopes to leverage the company's brand and loyal customer base into sales growth.

"Operating as one will bring new customers to the shop, while ensuring that the same level of professionalism that the customers are used to is adhered to," McGann said.

Clinton McGann Farms has been in operation for 54 years. Managing Director Clinton McGann, at 87 years old, is still involved and "giving solid advice when it comes to his birds," his daughter said.

Regarding Just Jem's, "Though not operating at the full capacity level of two years ago, I am concentrating on rebuilding," Josephine said.