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OCG staff says thanks

Published:Friday | November 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE 59-strong team of employees at the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) has hailed their outgoing boss for diligently leading the organisation over the past seven years.

In a tribute to Greg Christie, the staff of the OCG saluted him for "unreservedly and passionately" reshaping the oversight body into one which has been better leveraged to execute and fulfil its mandates.

The staff presented a citation to Christie on November 16, thanking him for his "dedication, commitment and the opportunity that you have given us to serve Jamaica in an institution of which we can stand proud".

The group gave Christie the assurance that they would "continue on the path that you have charted in executing the mandate of the OCG with integrity, forthrightness and to always do what is right by the people and taxpayers of Jamaica".

Leader in anti-corruption

According to the tribute, the OCG, under Christie's leadership, has morphed into an institution which is not only nationally and internationally recognised and respected, but one which "as employees, we are proud to be affiliated with as today the OCG is (positioned) as Jamaica's leading anti-corruption institution".

"We will remain inspired and indebted to you for your courage to boldly stand up to the many adversities and personal attacks that have been waged against you and this office over the years, and the gallantry that you have exhibited in rising above and fighting 'fist to fist', in the name of transparency and accountability, in the defence of the integrity of this office and the interest of the taxpayers of this country," the tribute read.

The employees of the OCG poured accolades on Christie for his "vision, commitment and earnest actions" that have positioned the contract watchdog body as a 'best in class' organisation.

"You have distinguished yourself, as contractor general, through your action-oriented approach, diligence, impartiality, zest, will and integrity," the citation read.

The staff noted that while many in the public sphere might only be privy to the contractor general's no-nonsense and astute persona, "we here at the OCG are privileged enough to be much acquainted with the approachable, laid-back and caring Greg Christie".