Sun | Dec 4, 2016

Gays must curb bad behaviour

Published:Friday | November 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Jamaicans have been frequently accused of homophobia. Yet, nothing is being said about the undisciplined behaviour of gays and lesbians in public places.

At 5:40 p.m. on Monday afternoon, I was at the Springs Plaza on Constant Spring Road when a taxi drove up with two obviously young gay men, faces bleached, hair creamed, and sporting female slippers. Both men got out of the taxi they chartered to the site and walked off without paying the driver. The driver mentioned that they chartered his car for the day for $7,000 and walked off without paying him a cent, telling him they had gone to a hairdresser in the plaza.

A few weeks ago, I saw two lesbians in Linstead strip beat a man with a belt. If anybody had stripped and beat them in public, you would not hear the end of it.

Now, if the taxi driver reprimanded them for his money, he should not be called homophobic. He was demanding payment for his service. The people nearby were obviously angry on seeing what had happened. Lately, it seems gays can be dishonest, disruptive and violent in public places and be excused simply because gays should have such rights.

Anderson Cooper, of CNN, is gay, yet he is presentable and has never been reported as being disruptive. Elton John and his spouse have never been reported as behaving without decorum in public spaces. I don't agree with their lifestyle, but do not want your sexuality and bad behaviour pushed in my face. The public has the right to disagree with their behaviour.