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Kern puts down new roots

Published:Sunday | December 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Former politician tries his hand at production

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

Those who attended the Sting launch last Wednesday would have probably already heard about a string of Jamaican reality TV shows infiltrating local TV stations. The team behind these shows includes an unlikely member - former member of parliament for St Elizabeth north eastern, Kern Spencer.

Spencer is better known for his fall from glory in the political sphere due to his implications in the infamous Cuban light bulb scandal.

Now that the dust has settled on the sensationalised scandal, the ex-politician is now looking for a fresh start in the entertainment arena with Super 'K' Studios.

Spencer revealed to The Sunday Gleaner that he is a founding member of Super 'K' Studios, a public relations, production and marketing company which operates Best of Jamaica TV (BOJ TV).

Reality TV has become a guilty pleasure for many Jamaicans, but local networks have failed to successfully tap into the niche.

"We've been watching what has been happening on the international landscape and we noticed that reality TV is something that nobody in Jamaica is doing right now," Spencer said, adding that he believes viewers are getting tired of the monotonous local programmes.

The Golden Nugget and Teacha's Pet serve to highlight local efforts to tap into the reality TV market. Both shows, however, were short-lived.

"I suspect that one problem was the production cost. We have found an economical way to produce the shows by using affordable equipment that still delivers superb quality," Spencer told The Sunday Gleaner.

According to Spencer, Celebz will be "a reality TV show that features the life of Jamaican celebrities - entertainers, sports personalities, politicians, businessmen etc.

It will show footage that the general public is not normally privy to."

Spencer also revealed that the first four episodes have already been shot and feature most of the Sting 2012 characters, including Tommy Lee Sparta, Heavy D, Ninja Man, Laing and Joe Bogdanovich, among others.

The first episode with Tommy Lee Sparta is said to contain eye-opening footage and the artiste reportedly speaks exclusively about the demon image he so vividly and so often portrays, along with making comments about his rivalry with Bounty Killer.

Spencer told The Sunday Gleaner that attempts are being made to get track legend Usain Bolt on board for the second season which he says will focus primarily on sports personalities.

Campus Vybz is another series which is said to be focused on lifestyle, entertainment, food, sports and all other aspects of university life.

"The show is just about everything that is a buzz on the campuses in Jamaica for that particular

week," Spencer said, adding that Super 'K' Studios is looking to expand the series to include other Caribbean campuses.

Campus Vybz started airing on November 1 on the BOJ TV network and is set to premiere on CVM TV.

The third series, Street Link is also being restructured for airing on CVM TV.

According to Spencer Street Link focuses on "the lifestyle of Jamaicans in the streets and communities across the island" and has been airing on BOJ TV for the past 18 months.

The show has become BOJ TV's flagship programme with more than one million viewers on a weekly basis, Spencer revealed.

BOJ TV is a burgeoning television network and celebrates its second anniversary in February.

The network is available islandwide on most cable networks, including flow and can also be viewed on all compatible Apple devices through the AMBY.TV application.