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Green means stop for cops

Published:Monday | December 3, 2012 | 12:00 AM

A contingent of police personnel was locked out of the Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP) Belmont Road headquarters in New Kingston by raucous supporters yesterday.

Even as the head of the team of five lawmen sought to explain that he was seeking to ensure that order was in place, he was verbally abused by the strident supporters who milled about on the premises while members of the party's Central Executive cast their ballots.

The team of five uniformed men - four rank-and-file and an officer clothed in khaki - had stopped at the entrance to the facility.

Blocked by gatekeeper

As soon as the officer approached the gate with his team in tow, a man with a paper cup in hand and identifying himself as the gatekeeper rushed forward and blocked the lawmen.

"I am not allowed to allow anyone in here," he said as the crowd of green-clad supporters drew close.

The police officer quietly explained that he was seeking to ensure that all was in order when a woman padlocked the gate.

Another woman who identified herself as Marva Yap declared: "This is a private property."

The crowd swelled and proceeded to hurl abuse at the police officer who quietly returned to his vehicle.

The Gleaner caught up with the lawman as he entered the vehicle. The officer sought to downplay the incident, even as the supporters continued to tongue-lash the policemen.

"It is a natural process. We were passing and we just checked to see if everything is okay," the officer told The Gleaner.

Asked how he felt about the reaction of the supporters, he responded: "Speak to the general secretary."

The officer later said he was satisfied that "everything was in order", even as the JLP supporters continued to taunt the police team and declare it was "Labourite business".