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Oral's first outing hits the spot - 'Let Loose' entertains packed house

Published:Wednesday | December 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Oral Tracey

Jordane Delahaye, Gleaner Writer

Oral Tracey's Let Loose was everything promised and then some. The event was packed, with entertainment and the audience seemed to have left with sated expectations.

It was interesting to see Tracey in a setting other than the three-minute Sports Commentary segment he holds on TVJ.

The TV personality stayed true to his words and did not only tackle sport-related topics, but spoke about various issues from the United States presidential election to relationship drama.

Also, unlike Sports Commentary, Tracey had to be quick on his feet as the members of the audience did not just sit and take what he had to dish out and were very vocal in their disagreement with some of his points.

Outside of Tracey's shenanigans, Let Loose also presented a diverse and fun-filled entertainment package.

The first guest performer to take the stage was Sean the Magician and the skilled illusionist had the audience in awe. His mind-boggling tricks were so good, one audience member became very afraid.

Jodian Pantry also delivered an awesome performance and her vocal ability was almost as mind-blowing as the magician's tricks. The songbird performed renditions of various hits, along with a few of her own songs, which were well received by the audience.

Richie Stevens and Tru Soul were also crowd-pleasers.

Comedian Lemon described himself as the "only comedian who does not give jokes". Audience members still could not contain themselves and his performance seemed to produce laughing gas, with hearty guffaws providing the spark to ignite his antics.

The real star of the night was the audience. Its interaction with Oral Tracey and each of the guest performers made the event unpredictable and exciting.

Though it is unsure when the next staging of Let Loose will be, we can be sure that there will be many more to come as Sunday night was a definite success.

The Theatre Place, where the event was held, was packed and the audience was thoroughly entertained.