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Put Manley funds to better use

Published:Wednesday | December 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Does Jamaica really have $42 million to spare right now to fix up the birthplace of National Hero Norman Manley when there are so many impassable roads to be fixed, so many schools in need of new toilet facilities, and the list goes on?

It is indeed a beautiful sentiment, and nobody more than I could commend it if there were not more pressing ways for the Government to spend money. Surely, this is an inappropriate time to spend so much on an out-of-the-way building.

I think, had he been alive, Norman Manley would have been the first one to object. From the legacy this shrewd and brilliant man passed down, I am sure he would rather see that money spent on upgrading a school in his name or rebuilding roads that have fallen into disrepair so that farmers may get their produce to the market and schoolchildren do not have to soil their shoes or take them off in order to arrive in good nick.

I am, therefore, asking the Government to rethink this plan.