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It all depends on how you train - pit bull master

Published:Friday | December 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Wayne Farquharson with his pit bull Zoe. Farquharson believes pit bulls and rottweilers are given a bad rap, as they are no more dangerous than other dogs. - Ian Allen/Photographer

Wayne Farquharson and Karleen Nelson have a pit bull named Zoe, as well as five puppies. They got them because they heard they make good security dogs.

"My friends have them. We know they can be aggressive dogs," said Farquharson.

"But it's how you deal with them."

Nelson added: "Sure you have fighting ones but they were trained to do that."

They said they knew the history of breeds like this and understood the stigma. But they have no reservations, noting Zoe is excellent with their grandchildren. They also have a Rottweiler and other dogs which don't 'act up'.

"One guards the back, one guards the front," said Farquharson.

They said their Ziadie Gardens neighbours are very happy to have the dogs around.

"They are glad for them," said Farquharson. "Anybody strange comes around, the dogs make everybody know." Nelson said they keep them chained, and ensure the front gate is always closed to deter any wandering off. They also train all their dogs not to jump over the lower edges of the fence, thus establishing a boundary.

Just like children

"It all depends on how you train and handle the dogs, just like with your children," she said.

"When we open the gates to drive in, they don't run out because we teach them not to."

While sympathising with victims of dog attacks, they believe the stigma on the breed is unwarranted.

"I think them just get a bad rap," said Farquharson. "Every dog can be vicious. It depends on how you train them. Even a chihuahua can kill you."