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Published:Saturday | December 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM

As Journalism Week ends today, what are your suggestions to improve journalism in Jamaica?

I'd like to see more follow-up on stories that dominate news for nine days and then disappear. For example, what happened to the BMW X5 killing?

- actabanks

I am tired of poor grammar and bad sentence construction in The Gleaner. Get some remedial English going.

- JudithAEstick

Start some serious investigative journalism. I hope one day there will be a weekly journal of serious deep articles.

- zarzuru_hena

You need people who are better educated, have more integrity, and not using their position to advance partisan political agendas. Journalists need to be able to do critical analysis, understand and communicate the issues, speak and write well.

- CeliaMcKoy

We need more 'journalists' than reporters. We mostly get reports, not real investigation.

- bastonimacaroni

Spend less time sensationalising reports and more time on investigative journalism and documentaries.

- persian__king

Journalists should do less PR and do more hard-hitting gritty stories - specifically entertainment journalism.


I hope journalists do more than salacious reporting and churning out press releases as news. Want more investigations.

- DMarcAnthony

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