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Fix the Hartlands Road or give us Pajeros

Published:Saturday | December 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The Hartlands Road is an abysmal dust bowl. - Photo by Norman Grindley/ Chief Photographer
The main road leading to Whitewater Meadows and Chedwin Gardens, St Catherine, is in a very deplorable condition. - Photo by Norman Grindley/ Chief Photographer


The citizens of Whitewater Meadows, Chedwin Gardens and Greater Hartlands were forced to mount a protest action earlier on Monday, December 3 to voice their utter disgust at the deplorable state of the Hartlands Road, which is the only access route to these communities.

For years the citizens have written numerous letters seeking assistance with the repair of the road. Only last year, after protest action, did repair work commence on the road. This was a step in the right direction, and citizens held their breaths in anticipation of the completion of the road.

The road had been fully covered with marl, pressed and oiled, and needed only the top surface to be put on to complete the job. Two weeks before the general election, the project was halted.

All the work that had been done last year has since been washed away, leaving the road covered in numerous holes which make traversing the road a hazardous, slow and painfully jerking experience.

Woe unto those citizens who may be pregnant or suffering from back problems! Woe unto the vehicles which are battered each day travelling the road and the taxi drivers who must use the obstacle course several times a day! Woe unto the made-in-China shoes for those who have to walk on this road! Woe, woe, woe!

The citizens are fed up and "dem cyaa tek it nuh more!"

For those who may not know, the Hartlands Road is bordered by cane fields on one side and high bushes on the other. This poses a serious threat to the residents of these communities. It is a known fact that many serious crimes have taken place on this road, and the citizens are just sitting ducks.

The reality is, if attacked on the road, you stand a better chance of trying to 'tek weh yuhself inna di cane piece' because you can't outdrive or outrun your attacker or attackers on the road.

This road needs some attention now! The dust nuisance is unbearable, and 'yuh corner dark' if you suffer from illnesses such as sinusitis or asthma, because surely you will be making several trips to see the doctor if you have to use the Hartlands dust track.

Did I mention the transforming potential of this road? It transforms into a riverbed whenever it rains, making an already difficult situation impossible for the Innswood High School students who have had to resort to using a chair, in the past, to cross the river to gain access to their school. And don't mention the vehicles which must transform into aquatic carriers just to get by.

Several Pajero vehicles have been purchased for political representatives. One of the reasons given for these purchases was that they need sturdy vehicles to access their constituencies with poor road conditions.

Well, if the Hartlands Road will not be fixed in the near future, consideration should be given to provide each household with a Pajero to take on the daily challenge of the Hartlands obstacle course. Each taxi driver that plies the route should also be provided with one. It seems only fair! Taxpayers need to be treated with more regard.

By the way, whatever happened to the proposed plan to use the gas tax to effect repairs to the roads?

Cemon DeLisser

Hartlands Road, St Catherine