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Doctor's Advice - Could petting make me pregnant?

Published:Saturday | December 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM
  • Could petting make me pregnant?

Q. I have an issue that is making me very stressed, Doc. My boyfriend and I were petting last week, and now I'm afraid that I am pregnant. We didn't acutally have sex, but I gave him a hand job, and now I fear that some of the sperm got on or into my vagina.

I don't think he ejaculated too near me, but afterwards, I accidentally pulled up my underwear with some semen on my hand, and I'm afraid it may have dripped off and got inside. My periods are now irregular. I am on the birth-control Pill, but I missed one that day, so my menses are all messed up. I feel like I'm going to get my period, but it hasn't arrived.

A. Well, I have often been consulted by women who are in a similar situation to yours. It frequently happens that young couples fool around with each other, and the result is that seminal fluid gets splashed on somebody's hands or underwear. This may well cause a pregnancy scare.

Now it is indeed technically possible for a girl to become pregnant in that way. But the good news is that so far, I have never seen a case in which a young woman actually got pregnant as a result of hand-petting and similar activities.

However, there is one thing that concerns me here. It is this. You are supposed to be on the Pill. So presumably you are on it because sometimes you have full intercourse. Yet you are missing Pills, so much so that your menstrual cycle is pretty messed up. Therefore, I have to say that it is possible that you are pregnant, even though it probably wouldn't be as a result of the hand job which you gave your boyfriend.

Summing up, I feel you should get a pregnancy test done right away. If it turns out to be negative, please do try to take more care about contraception in future. Maybe the Pill is not the right thing for you. If so, you could consider other method, such as the contraceptive jab.

  • Swollen and sore

Q. I am a guy who had sex last night for the first time in my life (bareback). And today, I was terrified to see that my organ is very swollen and quite tender. Is this a sexually transmitted infection (STI), Doc?

A. No, this is not an STI. The swelling you have noticed is just due to friction, and it is quite a common reaction in young guys who are not accustomed to intercourse. The swelling will gradually go down over the next week or so. So quit fretting.

  • Painful cramps

Q. I am a 22-year-old female, and I have been in a relationship for five years, but sexually active for three years. I try to practise safe sex at all times. However, sometimes I experience serious cramps. These make walking or sitting painful. On occasion, they happen after sex. In addition, when I urinate, I sometimes feel a burning sensation. And there are times when I see streaks of blood in the urine. Could all this be a urinary tract infection or an STI? And will it prevent me from getting pregnant?

A. I don't think this problem will prevent you from having babies, however, something is definitely wrong, and it needs sorting out quickly. My best guess is that you have some sort of bladder inflammation, so it is vital that a specimen of your urine, which must be in a clean, sterile container, is sent to the lab for testing. You should, therefore, make an appointment to see a doctor this week. Make sure you take the specimen with you. I wish you good luck.

  • Condom allergy

Q. I am a guy who is about to have sex for the first time and I am considering using a condom; but is it true that many males are allergic to condoms, Doc? I am quite worried about this prospect.

A. Allergy to the latex in condoms does occur. But it affects only about one in every 100 males. So the chances that you will get it are very low.

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