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Cornwall mayors give themselves full marks

Published:Saturday | December 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Bertel Moore
Shernet Haughton
Garth Wilkinson
Mayor of Montego Bay Glendon Harris participates in a street-cleaning exercise.

Mark Titus and Adrian Frater, Gleaner Writers

After eight months on the job, the five mayors in the county of Cornwall are giving themselves passing grades with regard to keeping their inauguration promises, in which they pledged to effectively meet their respective obligations to those they serve.

In fact, based on the way they perceive their handling of their duties, mayors Garth Wilkinson of Falmouth, Glendon Harris of Montego Bay, Shernet Haughton of Lucea, Bertel Moore of Savanna-la-Mar, and Everton Fisher of Black River think they could justifiably say, "solid achievements".

Wilkinson, who had pledged to transform Falmouth with infrastructure development, improving cleanliness, increasing benefits for the town from the Falmouth pier, securing a new building for craft vendors, improving the transport system, and carrying out general road repairs, thinks he is bang on target with his promises.


"I can boast that all the councillors have been able to do some form of infrastructural improvement to their area," said Wilkinson. "More cruise-ship passengers are now walking the town (Falmouth), and the bus park is also a promise made and a promise kept."

Like his Falmouth counterpart, Councillor Harris is quite happy with what he has done in Montego Bay as it relates to keeping his promises to fix the city's traffic-management problem, removing vendors from the street, cleaning up and restoring order at the Charles Gordon Market, and giving the city a general facelift.

"The traffic flow is now a lot easier as we
have set up satellite bus parks in less congested areas," said Harris.
"We have also completed Phase One of a programme to remove vendors from
the streets of the city. We have rehabilitated the Charles Gordon
Market, repaired several parish-council roads, and we have beautified
the town centre."

The region's lone female mayor,
Lucea's Shernett Haughton, thinks she has been meeting her mandate in
terms of addressing perennial problems such as cleaning the drains in
Lucea, cleaning up the public cemetery, putting the Lucea Market in
order, and seriously tackling road repairs.

"We have
put in a lot of hard work, and the results are there to see," said
Haughton. "I think we have done well, but the work does not stop there …
. We want to make Lucea a very special town for all

While Black River's Everton Fisher was not
available to give an assessment of his performance, a source at the St
Elizabeth Parish Council told Western Focus that he
was fully up to speed in keeping his promises to rid the streets in
major towns of illegal vending and taxi operators, as well as restoring
order at the famed Holland Bamboo thoroughfare.

Savanna-la-Mar, Mayor Moore glowed as he read off an impressive list of
achievements, which included major road repairs, repairs to the
Savanna-la-Mar Market, completion of the draft plan for the new
municipal building, start of restoration work on the Stony Bridge,
improved water supply in the Sheffield area, and major repairs to
catchment tanks.

"We have achieved quite a lot, and we
are pleased with the work we are doing," Moore told Western
. "We would love to do some work on Hudson Street to take
some of the traffic off Great George Street. That bit is to