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Published:Saturday | December 8, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Clive Pringle
Dennis Seivwright
Jason Henzell
Mark Kerr-Jarret
Sheridan Samuels

Western Focus spoke to five persons, who are known for their no-nonsense views, to get their take on the performance of the respective mayors in Cornwall.

  • Dennis Seivwright, former president, Trelawny Chamber of Commerce:

I am woefully disappointed as there is only talk - no real action to get the visitors into the town. I was one of the players who whole-heartedly supported the pedestriaisation of Falmouth, but that has not worked as planned; however, that may have been a good thing because the town stinks. I am embarrassed … . We cannot sell this town as it is. There is much more to be done.

  • Mark Kerr-Jarrett, former president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce

I think he (the mayor) is definitely making progress in his tenure, and it is my hope that he will continue on the same route. What he promised will not happen overnight, but will require a sustained effort on his part and that of the municipal authority.

He needs the cooperation of everyone, including the citizens of Montego Bay. This is something we all have to participate in for it to be successful.

  • Jason Henzell, chairman of St Elizabeth-based BREDS Treasure Beach Foundation

I am basically quite satisfied. I think the mayor has been effective; however, I believe the real proof of the pudding will be the opening of the new Black River Market because then, no one can say there is no space to place the vendors. As I have said before, I like what I am seeing, and I am hoping it will continue.

  • Sheridan Samuels, Hanover-based sports administrator

I believe that 95 per cent of the things that she committed herself to do has been done and done very well. She started working on the drains the day after she assumed office. She has taken quite a serious approach to dealing with her various responsibilities, and she deserves much more than just a passing grade for her efforts.

  • Clive Pringle, director of the Negril Business Cluster

I think he is trying his best, but there is much more work to be done. I noticed that some amount of road repairs are taking place in the various communities. Generally, he has been very active on the ground and has been working closely with the Negril cluster to develop community projects. Considering the limited amount of funds available to the various parish councils, I think he is doing fairly well.