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Wasting money, deadly dogs and dirty doctors

Published:Monday | December 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The Soloist, Contributor

So, it's happening all over again, politicians are just wantonly spending my tax dollars and then bitching about it when I cry foul! This could only happen in Jamaica. I don't care how they spin it. These harsh economic times are not exactly appropriate to go spending like we have limitless foreign reserves.

That is why I have always said that only rotten, filthy wealthy and established men and women should enter politics. That way, we won't get individuals wanting to feather their nests, but servants who have already made it financially, and are ready to help the country progress. Instead, we have a bunch of normal weight and cheap-clothes-clad people, suddenly driving luxury cars, sporting designer threads and obese overnight enjoying good quality free food and living large while doing little to deserve it! Enough!

And now for the dogs: Last week's saddest news for me was the mauling to death of two-year-old Ronicka Gregory by a pit bull terrier. I have been hearing some other horror stories about such dogs of late. In fact, one of the allegations I hear is that in one inner-city community, the dogs are kept as a weapon against cops who might come on raids. The dogs are hidden behind fences to be set on unsuspecting lawmen when they enter.

So, my solution is that since the dogs are usually trained by their owners for all sorts of purposes, it's the owners, who should be 'put to sleep' when the dogs attack and kill, not the poor dogs!


The other bit of unsavoury news was reported in this newspaper last week about a Dr Terrence Mines, 55, of Hagley Park Road and Kirkland Heights addresses in the Corporate Area who was charged with rape, grievous sexual assault and indecent assault.

The Centre of Investigation for Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) reported that at about 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 2, an 18-year-old woman went to see the doctor with a medical condition.

While she was being medically examined, he reportedly committed the offences.

The woman reported the matter to the Half-Way Tree police who contacted their colleagues at CISOCA, and after their investigation, the medical practitioner was charged.

So, we just can't escape all kinds of abuse in our country. Our children are likely to be killed one way or the other ... either by the gun or deadly dogs. Our tax dollars will always be wasted by elected officials who live in luxury and do not provide basic services. And, when we go to get help for our ills from our doctors, some of them too are likely to rape us. Do have a wonderful week.