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Media Mummy - Terri-karelle

Published:Monday | December 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Terri-karelle Reid
Terri-karelle Reid

Child's Birth Month: March

How did you feel when you found out that you were pregnant?

Funny enough, I wasn't over the moon or jumping for joy. when I found out it was utter shock: I was totally blindsided because I wasn't planning it, wasn't expecting it, wasn't prepared. To top it off, I had just signed on as the new host of Digicel Rising Stars and was trying to wrap my head around being private about my condition while potentially dealing with the fact that I could start to 'show' on TV. I don't think I really got over the shock until five months later (LOL).

How much weight did you gain?

I gained a whopping 48lbs in total ... and it was all in my buttocks and legs.

What is your workout regime like?

Those who know me would laugh at that question too. Me? Workout? Not happening. My workout is lifting my little 'Amazonian' and all that comes with her such as carseat, oversized and overpacked baby bag, thermos, co-sleeper and bumbo (floor seat) - every day and everywhere. Believe me, that alone is a workout.

What is the greatest thing about motherhood?

The greatest part about mommyhood is ... EVERYTHING ... the sleepless nights, diapering, nursing, burping, spit-ups, comforting, operating car seats, reading manuals to assemble various baby gadgets and equipment, reading ALL baby-related material, the musical toys, doctor check-ups, MILESTONES and everything in-between make motherhood the greatest fraternity ever!

What is the greatest challenge so far?

Funny enough, I thought daily tasks would have brought their challenges, but, honestly, the greatest challenge for me thus far is gearing up to hit the workplace, being a career mom and having to leave her and not spend as much time as I currently do. Balancing motherhood and responsibility career-wise will definitely bring its challenges.

What is the best advice that you have been given and what is the best advice you would give to another new mother?

The best advice I have been given about being a mom is on-the-job-training that we get better at in time. Everyone is going to have opinions and advice about raising your little one which can can be conflicting and confusing at times, but don't get overwhelmed, use your instincts, set your rules, establish your boundaries and solicit advice when you really need it. Ultimately, you are mommy and your baby relies on YOU to make the best decisions on his/her part.

The best advice I would give is ... put God first, and prayer is paramount. Make Him your foundation and centre of your family unit. Pray that He will continue to cover you. Make Him your 'go- to-guy' so that you can be the best mentor, friend, guardian, protector and, most of all, example for your baby.

Are you thinking about baby number two?

Hahahahahahahahahaha ... I am sure if you ask my hubby he will say 'Absolutely! Two, three possibly four times.'raised eyebrow. As much as I have no aversion to having one child (I am an only child and I think I turned out AOK), I won't say no or never ever. What I will say with all sincerity is not for the next three years, God's will, we will see.

Who does baby take after the most?

This is a touchy subject. It is my opinion that she undeniably takes after me both physically and personality-wise. However, the grand majority have informed me that physically she is all daddy.

How has the response from fans been?

For the fans that are in fact aware that I am a new mom, I have received nothing but positivity, elation, blessings, well wishes and prayers. Most have expressed that they respected my approach (i.e. not announcing, posting, sharing with social media and any other medium). Generally, they wish me all the best with the new journey as a mom.

What is the one question that you get asked the most?

The question I have been asked mostly is how on earth I managed to keep my pregnancy and even birth so hush-hush despite being a media personality - in fact, to date, some people are still asking me if I was pregnant or if I had a baby.

In what ways have you changed since becoming a mother?

I have a much bigger outlook on life. I have become more confident as a mom and a woman in general. My instincts, intuition and innate desire to protect and love my baby unconditionally are sharper. I feel an immense responsibility to be a great wife and homemaker in the attempt to maintain a happy, healthy unit for her. I am encouraged to strengthen my spiritual life so that I can I teach her how to be a child of God. Overall, I feel more equipped to nurture, protect, love, support and care for my little bundle ... almost as if my life depends on it.