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Media Mummy - Empress

Published:Monday | December 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Child's Birth Month: February

How did you feel when you found out that you were pregnant?

I was elated. It was like a dream come true, especially since the baby was conceived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was an exciting time because I was planning my wedding at the same time. I took about five pregnancy tests just to make sure because I couldn't believe it.

How much weight did you gain?


What is your workout regime like?

When the baby was about seven months I started working out but carrying my baby was what I did the most for a natural workout. I started the gym two times a week just to slowly start getting back.

What is the greatest thing about motherhood?

Being able to put everything that I believe into practice and to live up to the standards of my mother, and to just help and to be an example to all the young girls out there that look up to me to be a perfect example of what a good mother is supposed to be.

What is the greatest challenge so far?

Balance. I learnt recently that you can never try to balance as a woman, but instead, we should just try and live a harmonious life as best as possible. Accept it as is and move on in life happily so that my family is happy.

What is the best advice that you have been given, and what is the best advice you would give to another new mother?

Best advise I have ever been given is to cry and just have a glass of wine. The advice I would give is to tell new mothers to make sure and buy Empress' baby sling because it was my best friend and also to breast feed because that works best.

Are you thinking about baby number two? If so, when?

Oh Definitely! I used to want six, but I think I'm down to three now.

Who does baby take after the most?

The baby has both of our personalities, I think.

How has the response from fans been?

Everybody knows my baby by face and name. I carried him a lot for six months straight so everybody knows him. He's been on TV, in The Gleaner, in other print and people have seen us out in the streets, so they all know him and love him.

What is the one question that you get asked the most?

"How di baby?"

In what ways have you changed since becoming a mother?

I've become a lot more mature and selfless. Where I used to stop on the road and reason with the man dem, I've lessened that because I feel that my sole responsibility now is my son. Everything is for him because he can carry on the baton in the future.