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Batman, my hero

Published:Monday | December 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Daviot Kelly

Daviot Kelly, Contributor

Looking back on all the comic books I read as a child, I think my favourite hero was Batman. Sure, I could never live up to his alter ego Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy. I certainly can't do the billionaire part unless I strike oil soon and somebody already invented the Internet, Google etc.

But I digress. Part of why I like Batman, apart from the fact he had no superpowers like me, is that I was really intrigued by the villains he went up against. The Joker was obviously the arch-enemy. He was a total lunatic, someone I can relate to. Trust me, folks, if you knew half the stuff that goes through this head of mine, I would scare your children. Thank God for my parents' DNA for not acting out my thoughts.

But the real Batman villain I relate to is Harvey Dent, better known to one and all as Two-Face, who flips a coin to make decisions. From the first time I saw Batman Forever, in which Two-Face was played by Tommy Lee Jones (one of my favourite actors), I was hooked. Allegedly, the artist who created the character was inspired by Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In the aforementioned movie, Batman said Dent was always of two minds about everything. But he was, according to some writers, the physical manifestation of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. While I may not make my choices based on a coin toss, I am clearly one of those persons who seem to have two completely different beings using up the same 5' 7", 175-plus-pound frame.

I can be the person to cheer you up, or the person to utterly depress you. I will lead the line doing The Electric Slide at a party (that one actually happened) or I'll sit in the darkest corner of the event and chat with the cobwebs. I will regale you with tales, fictional and real, making our journey blissful. Or I will make you want to throw me out the vehicle while it's still moving. There's no middle ground with me apparently.

I have a friend who is adamant there's nothing wrong with me. To say I differ is putting it mildly. Sometimes I think my mood for the day is decided by some cosmic coin toss, by forces unknown to me and outside of my doing - almost like I'm being strung along to the whims and fancies of some inter-dimensional being. Interesting musings from a man who, when sufficiently frustrated, will simply tell you to 'have fun' with yourself somewhere private.

Well, there's always a bright side to any negative. At least if I ever go to a costume party, I know which character to go as. Now, where's my coin?