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Fruitgasm blends food, art, entertainment

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A watermelon carved by Geron South to reveal The Gleaner logo.-Contributed
Geron South (right) presents a carved watermelon to Cue-P during the latter's video shoot.
The watermelon Geron South carved for the Mahima concert.-Contributed

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Entrepreneur Geron South is aiming to break new ground on the local entertainment scene by merging food, entertainment, and art through his company Fruitgasm.

According to the artist, who developed food-carving skills online, culinary art has its place in the entertainment industry.

"The first place I saw people carve food was online. I was looking for concepts for events and I stumbled upon it. I immediately wanted to explore and learn more about it, so I began some trials on my own. At first, they were poor, but over time, I started to improve," South said.

The artist had prior experience in art and channelled this experience to food carving by practising on melons.

"I did stencilling on a regular basis for years, so that experience helped. I didn't have any money to purchase a lot of melons to practise on, so I did most of my practice mentally. I envision fruits in different shapes, designs, and concepts, then I do the sketches, or what comes to my mind. I always try to be versatile and stay above the competition," he said.

South revealed that the food-carving competition in Jamaica is minimal; however, he believes with more practice he will be able to strengthen competition against other countries.

"Most of my competitors come from Japan, the United States, and Russia. In Jamaica, what sets me apart is that I do 3D designs. I can design faces, just about anything you can imagine, I can carve it in food," South said.

South's food art was featured as part of Inception, a party hosted by the Western Jamaica University of the West Indies (UWI) Campus, The Mahima Cancer Foundation concert, The Japan relief programme, executed by Rex Nettleford Hall, UWI, among others.

He also does decor and background screen designs with stencils.

"Regardless of your event, if you have a concept and you don't know what to do with it, I can sketch it up from scratch and customise an image to bring life to your party. I also do mix liquors. The thing is people love food and beautiful decor, and I can bring all of that through art," he said.

The artist revealed he has his foot through the door of corporate Jamaica, but needed more.

"I consider myself the main person doing stencilling and food carving in Jamaica, and I want to launch out my work. Major companies have called me to do work before; however, because I am not very established, others have got credit for much of my work. But coming 2013, I am going to launch my company, Fruitgasm, fully, because I think there is definitely a market for it in the Caribbean. So people can email me at or call 842-2114," he said.

More information on South's Fruitgasm entertainment art can be found at http://www.facebook. com/chameleondesign. A search for Fruitgasm will also bear fruit.