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LETTER OF THE DAY - Change the culture of inefficiency and dishonesty!

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:Robust economic growth continues to elude us, precipitating an overwhelming debt burden and a weakening dollar, in spite of those International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreements we have signed within the last 40 years. Therefore, another IMF agreement is a Band-Aid for an infected leg wound (our economy) that needs surgery (removal of inefficiency and corruption).

Our economy spawns exploitation, hopelessness and crime. Continually high unemployment and declining per-capita production keep wages compressed. Inflation is on the rise. Price-gouging is in evidence.

Some bright minds with idle hands are using the guns and scams upon others. Yet more are 'hustlers' and vendors in order to 'eat a food'. Glib politicians and public servants, driven by expediency, have made light of the rules and regulations.

Recent media reports about operations at the Jamaica Constabulary Force (Transport and Repairs Division) and the Electoral Commission of Jamaica have added to our despondency. It seems so easy nowadays for those in authority to trample on the public's trust to defend their lifestyle.


Undoubtedly, the culture that allows inefficiency and dishonesty to accrue benefits to the few favoured sons and daughters at the expense of the majority has to change. For without that change, the economy will continue to be stymied. The rage of a people deprived of their rights and protection under the law could become too costly to contemplate.

Red tape must be minimised to make Jamaica more business-friendly to induce more job-creating investments for youth, especially. The public purse could experience less pressure, our roads wear much better, and our debt-service capacity markedly improve.

Simultaneously, the requirements for transparency must be encoded and rigorously enforced. Modern technology must be integrated into the socio-economic system for control and efficiency. Then and only then will a more prosperous and just society emerge.