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Don't ass about with gay lobby

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:I stand in solidarity with all those who are in opposition to the gay lifestyle in Jamaica. The editor and 'ass. editor' of The Gleaner seem to be actively engaging in gay-rights lobbying of late.

I would hope that The Gleaner, the leading newspaper in Jamaica, will not sell out itself, but will stand firm for NORMAL family values, and for moral rectitude, no matter the pressure from abroad or at home! The world, indeed, is in need of men (and women) who will not be bought or sold.

Mr Editor, I do hope you are mindful of the majority of us who are against the perverse gay lifestyle and remember that in a democracy, as in polls you run from time to time, the voice of the majority counts.

I remind you, Mr Ass. Editor, that morals in Jamaica are deeply entrenched in the biblical and Christian culture (even if very many of us ignore that reality, or fail to live by its standards). This entrenched cultural reality is confirmed each time we sing the national anthem, which is a prayer to the Eternal Father of the Christian tradition.

God and the very Bible that our Constitution and courts appeal to are firmly anti-homosexual, and that fact will not change. One only has to look at Romans 1:18-32 to see that homosexuality is classed along with all other sins like murder and lying or deceit and is condemned firmly by the TRUE Christian culture.

If we don't want God's influence on the affairs in our land, we should also change our national anthem, remove the Bibles from the courtrooms, find some other symbol to swear by, have no devotions in schools, discontinue national prayer breakfasts, etc. It is national hypocrisy to do otherwise and remain consistent!

Is this the floodgate The Gleaner editor would want to open?


Teacher in St Elizabeth