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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | December 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The hottest topics on the cocktail circuit

Hunt for gold

1 Thugs in motor cars are trolling every little community in search of women in gold as they seek to cash in on the cash-for-gold trade. It is happening from Portmore to Cherry Gardens, and the police need to clamp down on this evil trade before it becomes deeply entrenched.

Where's the warning?

2 We appreciate that the police have an important job to do to ensure the nation's safety. However, citizens are entitled to be warned about operations on busy thoroughfares. Persons driving along Hope Road at midnight recently found their paths blocked by a police vehicle - as there was no warning. Persons had to reverse in the opposite direction on a dual carriageway posing danger to themselves and others. There must be a better way to alert road users to situations that could affect their safety.

Peace at last!

3 The ex-wife had become a thorn in the tonsils of women who dated her husband after the divorce. In fact, they say she was always inserting herself at family functions causing grave discomfort to many. Finally, the ex-husband has found a powerful and exceptionally beautiful partner, one whose path the ex dares not cross. Peace at last.

Brawling arena

4 It was only a matter of time before the rambunctious young man would turn the workplace into a brawling arena.