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Put key issues on front burner

Published:Wednesday | December 12, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I make reference to Mr Colin Wheeler's letter 'The forgotten Kern case' (Gleaner, December 3, 2012). What a brilliant, poignant letter which highlighted four topical issues affecting Jamaica today!

1. Why has the Kern Spencer case and many other cases taken more than five years to be disposed of? This exemplifies our impotent court system!

2. Why does the director of public prosecutions still have her job?

3. Why do our intellectuals from the university spend money and time debating the teaching of Patois in schools?

4. Why is so much money spent buying new SUVs instead of replanting banana trees and repairing roads, etc., destroyed by Hurricane Sandy?

Mr Wheeler's letter brilliantly and dramatically brings to the fore matters affecting the lives of poor Jamaicans who sometime seek their own forms of justice.


Hughenden, Kingston 20