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Published:Thursday | December 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Below are reactions by readers on to the lead story on Tuesday, 'Expensive and unsafe'.

Omar said the Government can't afford a rural bus system for students ... . I wonder how many buses we could get in trade for those SUVs?

- Michael Odonnell

Rural school bus, zero; SUVs for ministers of Government, 16. Run with it ...

- Garth White

The PM should now come out and speak out for the children. Don't they deserve school buses like your MPs deserve SUVs?

- Smart Elaine Grace

It is sad and a blight on our nation that we force our people to travel today in almost the same way that blacks were brought here from Africa. Our forefathers were robbed of their dignity and the same thing applies today when travelling on public transportation - while our masters drive around in their comfortable SUVs.

- mccormacklindel

It may be expensive, yes, I do agree. But is it fair for these rural folks, who pay taxes as well, not to benefit from a subsidised bus system? Very ticklish situation, but please don't spend a dime on new consultants. Either they reassign other persons to do the work, or leave it alone due to the inability to pay for it.

- bobo

What do you think about the US legalising marijuana?

All countries should legalise marijuana. Drinking-related deaths far surpass any that marijuana has caused, if any. If people worry about their children, then they are not paying enough attention to them, and do not know what they think. That's our job as responsible adults.

- Laura Brown

Why not legalise marijuana? You could tax it, hence provide revenue. In many countries, it would cut down on crime and gang problems. It has medical advantages.

- Pearse O Sullivan

It's a good way for the Government to earn revenue. Whether marijuana is legalised or not, people will use it non-stop. So when it becomes legal within the country, Gov't can make it marketable and apply taxes.

- Antonette C. Clarke

Now Jamaica can import it when it is prescribed. What a thing!

- Courtney McLeod

While Jamaica burns down its ganja fields, Obama is increasing his own and planning to make loads of money from it. Cannabis is the new medicine for CANCER, and the best cannabis grows in Jamaica.

- Clive Deslandes

Jamaica has demonstrated interest in legalising the recreational use of marijuana for years. However, the US has threatened to cut of economic ties with the island if that step is taken. So before you accuse the governmental administrations in Jamaica, please be aware of the international laws and power system under which we operate.

- Dimitri Lyon

That would solve Jamaica's balance of payments problem in one go!

- Conal O'Sullivan

It will certainly lower its value eventually.

- Maureen Coll

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