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Wards' success moves CDA head to tears

Published:Thursday | December 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Correction & Clarification

It was incorrectly reported that Carla Francis-Edie, the chief executive officer of the Child Development Agency, said $90 million was spent last year to educate wards of the State. The actual figure is $19 million.

We regret the error


CARLA FRANCIS-EDIE, the chief executive officer of the Child Development Agency (CDA), was brought to tears during a ceremony yesterday where 37 wards of the state were recognised for their outstanding academic performances.

The children were recognised for achievements in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination, in which they attained passes ranging from five to 10 subjects.

Addressing the ceremony held at the Bank of Jamaica auditorium in downtown Kingston, Francis-Edie said some $19 million was invested in educating wards of the state last year. She said the achievements are an indication that the money was well spent.

"I am standing here today as a surrogate mother to every child in care, as the CEO of the Child Development Agency and as a public servant. Well done, my children. Your accomplishments are a source of encouragement for me, personally," a tearful Francis-Edie said.

The CDA head and Youth Minister Lisa Hanna have been under pressure to remove wards of the state from lock-ups. This week, the lobby Help JA Children called for Francis-Edie to resign saying the CDA has not done enough to respond to the needs of children in state care.