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LETTER OF THE DAY - Sexual tolerance, not a different society

Published:Thursday | December 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

ALL THE persons who support the homosexual agenda should be fully aware that it is not just tolerance you are supporting, but the establishment of a different society.

The tolerance that the homosexuals lobby group is asking for is as follows: they want the removal of the buggery law; they want any negative stigma or expression associated with the lifestyle to be quelled and, if necessary, punished. They want the right to marry, to raise children, and to have homosexual lifestyles taught in schools, which includes the conditioning of persons to that lifestyle.

In addition, this group has joined forces with others that are said to be bisexuals and transvestites to form a lobby group. These other groups are seeking the same privileges as the homosexuals. We will soon have the paedophiles and the zoophiles joining this group, which is already happening as there is to be no restraint when it comes to sex, sexual preference or practice .

As we get more liberal in the area of sex and as persons feel that they have a right to satisfy their sexual desires, there will be increasing atrocities that will be taking place.

Are we going to experiment with our children and their future in these new kinds of new families which are not according to the natural order and have not been tested? Are we going to reduce religious freedom and freedom of speech in order to facilitate these values and practices. Which government and those who support this agenda will take responsibility for the lives, the families that will be destroyed and the removal of the right to freedom in order to facilitate these lifestyles? Will the future generations really call you blessed or will they curse you like children whose parents did not instil discipline in their lives?


Having said that, there are many sexual issues in our nation such as paedophilia, incest, rape, sex addiction that are causing pain to individuals. Some persons have been victimised, some by close relatives and others; and some of those who were victimised become a threat to others. We have to find solutions where people can be open and get support and help; if not we will be just treating symptoms and not addressing the deep issues that people are experiencing.

I believe Jamaica needs to be more tolerant of homosexuals, I do not believe in calling homosexuals sarcastic names, nor dishing out threats of violence, or violence itself, to homosexuals. There should be respect for all, and all men and women should be shown genuine love and compassion. They must not be treated as outcasts of society, but their lifestyle should not be treated as a norm nor promoted in the society.