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Published:Thursday | December 13, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Waivers market

1 Story doing the rounds is that there was a very lucrative business 'selling' 20 per cent 'duty waiver' on motor vehicles to friends or those connected. Now the streets have many vehicles not properly registered.

Left in a huff

2 The verdict is in and upper St Andrew is all a-twitter, as the jury has decided it was a gathering of a certain crowd. With a few others, thrown in for colour. The comments made by the host, however, is still causing disquiet around town, as at least one guest found the comments regarding the deceased relative so offensive he left immediately after the speech. The wife, however, remained, or was left behind in the heat and vexation of the moment.

No thank you!

3 Buzz in upper St Andrew is that one of their own decided on cleaning out her closets and then took what she thought was some fashionable pieces to give to the poor, in the spirit of Christmas, to a reputable organisation that advised they no longer collect and redistribute clothes. On the advice of a friend, she then took the packages to an impoverished community near to her uptown neighbourhood, only to be chased and scolded by the members of the community who shouted as she beat a hasty retreat, "Gwey, wi noh want no ol' clothes".

Big joke!

4 The irony, some say, is that there were more people trying to avoid attending the event than there were expressing a willingness to. So the tight security measures reportedly in place have many laughing. Worse yet, the story doing the rounds is that many in attendance were clueless as to why they were actually invited.

How come?

5 The fact that the girlfriend of the former high-profile elected-one is still in charge of the facility has many in a quandary.

Looking to the top

6 Some are saying it's a case of 'high-seat killing Thomas puss'. They say instead of sitting quietly and growing in the position, the young one was in such a hurry to occupy the 'high seat' that he spent his days backbiting and back-stabbing his boss, in an effort to unseat him, in the hope that he would be then elevated. And on top of it all, word is he, too, has displayed some 'mendacious' qualities.

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