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Epicurean Escape ... promise delivered!

Published:Friday | December 14, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Debbie Rowe, merchandise manager, shows the versatile footrest/hassock/storage bin that forms part of the Courts Island Home collection.
This massage therapist from The Jewel Dunn's River was kept busy giving patrons neck and back massages at the Jamaica Epicurean Escape.
The Goddard Catering Group's booth attracted many patrons. - Photo by Ian Allen/Photographer

Barbara Ellington, Public Affairs Editor

Corporate sponsors of the inaugural Jamaica Epicurean Escape (JEE), were - for the most part - happy as patrons went about sampling all the goodies they had to offer.

Tanesha Wallace, brand manager for Copperwood Pork, was inside the booth supervising the tastings throughout the event. She told The Gleaner that the delicious product was entirely home-grown and the perfect addition to the Christmas table.

"Our pigs are bred by contract farmers in Jamaica and from our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified plant in Lucea, Hanover, the meat is processed." Wallace said the meat is kept at the right temperature from slaughter to storage to supermarket and hotels. They have been supplying the latter for more than 10 years and it's the same excellent-quality meat that goes into the hands of the housewife.

'We are pioneers in the way pigs are produced for the consumer, we are a premium brand, a little more expensive than the rest, but our facilities are safe and quality is the best," Wallace stressed. Copperwood provided all the pork for the JEE. Check them out

The Jewel Dunn's River, Courts

The team from Runaway Bay's Jewel Dunn's River had the perfect partnership with Courts as the former's catering team provided refreshment in the form of nibbles and cocktails for patrons. And, after viewing the beautiful pieces of living room and patio furniture, tired feet and necks were massaged by the soothing hands of Nicole Davidson and her team.

Davidson told The Gleaner that the hotel is now open for business for regular Jamaicans as well as visitors. "We are offering locals a chance to treat themselves and relax away the stresses of life." She advises everyone to have regular reflexology massages, as the feet are the first out of and last into the bed every day.

The Jewel's Radiant Spa is open to Jamaicans who do not need to be staying at the hotel as guests or be there on a day pass to use the facilities. Check them out by going to: PO Box 51, Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios in St Ann or phone: (876) 972-7400.

Goddard Catering

In Jamaica for just over a month, the Goddard Catering Group (GCG), a subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises, used the opportunity to launch its business in the island. And by all appearances they achieved their objective. Visitors to their booth were impressed by their lavish display.

"We teamed up with Tai Flora, the best florists in the island, and we are now in discussions with several people regarding their Christmas events,' said Strephon Sanderson, general manager of GCG Events.

They have been in the catering business in Barbados for more than 50 years and have an enviable reputation of catering for large groups. They also have branches in 23 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. But Sanderson told The Gleaner that the events-planning arm was only added in 2007. "We recognise that the area is crowded, but our mission is to give such outstanding service that we become the event planner of first choice for everyone."

Their booth included samplings from two chefs out of St Lucia and CuraƧao; opulent tablecloths, superb place settings, fresh roses and orchids, and luxurious sofas on which visitors to the booth relaxed. For more information, go to or or at the Norman Manley Airport in Kingston.