Fri | Jun 22, 2018

Turn up heat on delinquent fathers

Published:Saturday | December 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM


It is high time that further steps be taken when fathers are put before the court for support for their children. Sometimes nothing happens because the court is not strict in dealing with the matter properly, and the responsibility is left on the poor, frustrated mothers and guardians, as they watch their children suffer.

However, there is a compelling reason for the Government to put strong measures in place to ensure that the judges are not biased or do not withdraw their services from the court because of the fear of threats.

Judging from the significant number of stories that I have heard, I am convinced that a large number of mothers and guardians are reluctant. They fear that the government system may not be able to guarantee the kind of support services necessary for their well-being.


These mothers and guardians have been pressured to take out summonses when the fathers refuse to pay the funds. Most times, they are threatened and may even lose their lives, while the court turns a blind eye. Sometimes these poor children are left on their own to struggle for themselves.

The Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education cannot single-handedly maintain these children, because some of them have special needs. They need to get support from both parents to accomplish their dreams and also help in reducing crime and poverty.

The Government should implement better strategies to ease the pressure from these poor people's backs and give our children a chance to survive.


Lionel Town, Clarendon