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Published:Saturday | December 15, 2012 | 12:00 AM

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Do you support the move by Tax Administration Jamaica to place travel restrictions on undisputed tax dodgers at the country's airports?

Once the tax administrators contact the tax dodgers who ignore calls or emails, then actions have to be taken, where necessary.

- alwaysblessed

As a people, we have the cheating of government institutionalised, and any effort to curb that is good.

- Stephan Martin

Definitely, they should impose stricter restrictions! Our economy would benefit greatly!

- Rajiv M

The flip side of this is, will those who are elected to serve the people and then misappropriate taxpayers' dollars be stopped also?

- RealJulz

Yes, I totally agree, full time for us to publicly highlight these selfish and inconsiderate tax evaders!

- Ashleigh-Ann

Yes, I am in full support, once it is carefully managed and the innocent are not mistakenly stopped.

- O'Neil Grant

I support the move, but let's hope Tax Administration has the correct infor-mation. Imagine the debacle, if not.

- Lisa Adelle-Jondeau

Welcome move, TAJ. Should have been done long ago!

- Kemar Edwards

Definitely not! There are other ways of getting this done!

- JaiLloyd

Yes, if you can't pay your taxes, why are you leaving the country? The tax man to be paid!

- tammy trouble

Do you think that jury trials should be abolished?

No! A jury should be a cross section of the society in which we reside. Formal education is not necessary, but with at least a grade six-level education capable of understanding the issues at hand.

- Pauline Patterson

No, but they should stop picking people off the streets to be jurors. Train them like lawyers.

- Lexie Gayle

No, I think they should hire a set of lawyers to sit as jury, because some of these juries are biased. We need qualified people to be jurors. They can't just choose some people off the road to be jurors. We just need qualified representatives.

- Kareen Stewart

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