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Red Stripe mixes it up

Published:Monday | December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Alcohol company uses mixology competition to introduce new liqueur

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

The Ocean, Spring, Be Extraordinary and Prime Blue were just some of the cocktails that mixologists made while at the launch of Red Stripe's newest innovation '7 Mixer'.

Launched last Wednesday night at the company's Spanish Town Road plant, 7 Mixer is described as a savoury, fun-filled and versatile liqueur that can be had straight or mixed with other juices, liquors etc. to make a tasty cocktail.

With an alcohol content of 17 per cent, 7 Mixer captures the refreshing and vibrant taste consumers can enjoy.

The mixologist competition saw bartenders from across the country competing to make the best cocktail which would become the signature 7 Mixer drink.

Media and corporate personalities also entered the 7 Mixer mixologist competition.

Judges for the night were Teika Samuda, Red Stripes' brand ambassador and Brian 'Ribbie' Chung. The two judged contestants on flair, taste, engagement and presentation.


Donning hats of amateur mixologists, Pepsi's Carla Hollingsworth, Benjamin Simms of Digicel and Phillip 'PP' Palmer of Dream Entertainment went up against media personalities such as Markland 'Action' Edwards and Melyse Smith.

In the end, it was Palmer's Coco Loco mix and Smith's 7 Mix Position that got the nod.

Marsha Lumley, brand manager of Smirnoff told The Gleaner that Red Stripe was also seeking to add more novelty to the brand.

"It's tangy with a citrus flavour, and patrons can have it straight or mix it up. We've done a lot of mixes with Red Stripe Light flavours, Heineken beer and it works. It's Christmas and people are looking for options and excitement for their mixed drinks. So being that it is the festive season, it was definitely the right time to launch it," she said.

Lumley also added that based on the response from consumers, 7 Mixer is definitely a hit.

"Tonight is a great indication of the possibilities and the opportunities of this mix. It's phenomenal that people are saying that they like the taste and they have been trying new mixes with it. We are looking forward to again launching a successful brand as part of our spirits portfolio."