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Style Moment with ... Denise Williams

Published:Monday | December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Secretly working behind the scenes, but with a fashion sense that belongs in the spotlight, is the jovial and loveable Denise Williams. The director of corporate and government affairs at Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited (operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions brands), Denise takes time from of her busy schedule to reveal to Style Moments what style means to her. "I think my personal style is a bit eclectic as I am always on the move. I do tend to favour classic clean lines, but I also like a bit of 'edge', she tells us. She continued, "I think one's sense of style is a very personal expression. Being stylish is being confident in who you are and how you present yourself. I try to have fun with fashion. I am very expressive, I laugh a lot and love life, so my sense of style reflects that," she ended.

Five style essentials

1 It's in the head: a key fashion essential is self-discovery, getting to know who you are and expressing yourself with confidence.

2 It's on the head: a great hair cut or signature style is a great accessory to every outfit. It really compliments any look.

3 Good shoes: they finish a look and can really make a statement. And we women have many statements to make.

4 Expressive accessories: I like bold pieces; they completely change the look of an outfit and add character.

5 A personal statement: I am hardly ever without my old-fashioned charm bracelet. It is a gift from my husband. The charms bring back great memories and make me smile a lot ... another great style essential, by the way.