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Men love them too!

Published:Monday | December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Tickle the fancy of men in these hot black pumps embellished with silver sequined details from Club Intuition.-photos by Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

They make you feel and look sexy; they elongate your legs and make you feel thinner. And there is just no going around how much of a confidence booster they are, showing off your ultra feminine style.

That is the undeniable power of high-heeled shoes for women! But this magnetic appeal not only pulls women into the world of 'shoedom' but also reels in the men who stand and look on in pure admiration.

While many women will say wearing stilettos has nothing to do with attracting the opposite sex, the fact is, they are one of the sexiest pieces of fashion that men seem to adore.

For Michael Simms, it is the way a woman sways in her heels, having mastered walking in stilettos that gets his interest.

"I love seeing women walking in these very high thin heels. How they do it? I don't know. But it sure is pleasing to the eyes as she walks with her head held high, exuding nothing but confidence."

Not a fan of gaudy wedge heels and platforms, Jerome Brown said that some shoes are not that appealing. Instead, they get the attention for just looking rather uncomfortable and tacky on the feet. But on the more favourable side, are red and black heels which, according to him, exude class and sophistication.

"Those too colours, especially black patent heels, are just grabbing and exciting. I find them to be very appealing."

This appeal for Anthony Evans transcends into heightened sexual attraction. For him it's more natural for a man to fantasise about a woman in heels as opposed to flats.

"It just looks sexy! Whether they are in shorts, jeans or skirts, the high heels just add another element of sexiness."

He adds that heels are perfect additions to the bedroom.

"It is the sexiest thing when a woman steps out in lingerie and some high heels. It gets your adrenaline going."

Agreeing with the saying that you can tell the nature of a person by the way they dress, Joel Samms said that it also extends to shoes. According to him, the shoes a woman wears can give him an idea of a woman's personality and sexual nature.

"By looking at some shoes, I can sum up a woman. Seeing a woman confidently walking in a pair of high thin heels definitely tells me she is confident and has a very sexy side to her in the bedroom. She knows what she wants and can manage a challenge," he said with conviction.

Then what does this mean for women? While you may think your male counterparts are not paying much attention to what you wear on your feet, unsuspectingly they seem to be. Therefore, the next time you decide to don those killer heels, remember that you may be peaking someone's interest and you never know whose heart you can win or keep by just one strut.

Names changed to withhold identity.