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LETTER OF THE DAY - Give Tourist Board market-driving name

Published:Monday | December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:Jamaica provides great vacations in wonderful hotels with great food, beaches and nightlife. The country depends on it. Our people are friendly and cheerful, and there is good reggae music and other entertainment to suit virtually every tourist.

The island's tourism is, however, managed by a body which has the most boring, disenchanting tourism name possible.

The name 'Jamaica Tourist Board' itself does nothing for our tourism product. It sounds like just a civil service department and is, no doubt, dismissed as such in prospective tourists' minds. That staid name that we display at our expensive tourism presentations abroad and on our tourism literature doesn't actually invite anyone anywhere. In short, it disregards some subtleties of the minds that we are marketing to.

I am suggesting that our tourism body should be renamed 'Welcome to Jamaica'. This is no joke. It is far warmer and is a more inviting name that will work for us. The old name detracts from the warm, welcoming people we are.

Welcome to Jamaica will embed itself in the psyche of prospective tourists and will be at work during their decision-making time for a holiday destination.

unthinkable coup

I believe there's a lot we can learn from tourism success stories around the world. Very recently, the tourism body of Yorkshire, England, achieved a glorious and unthinkable coup. Yorkshire will now be hosting the tourism powerhouse, the Tour de France cycle race! (

How could Yorkshire possibly have persuaded the French to bring the Tour de France away to the north of England? Well, much of the credit has gone to Yorkshire's tourism body, Welcome To Yorkshire.

In a nutshell, all they did was supreme marketing of Yorkshire's towns and countryside. We, too, can do supreme and compelling marketing, as long as we understand the subtleties of the minds that we are marketing to.