Sun | Feb 14, 2016

No road to lighthouse

Published:Monday | December 17, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I would like to shine some light upon a situation that is of great concern to local and overseas visitors seeking to make their way to the lighthouse at Morant Point in St Thomas.

The main road that used to be along the bank of the Plantain Garden River was severely damaged by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. During the period (more than 24 years), nothing has been done to repair the road.

For good reason, a temporary road was provided by the authority of the sugar estate; it is still in use, but the road established for the purpose of cane haulage, by tractors, is always in poor condition, and presents difficulty for cars to travel when it rains.

There are still more problems for visitors. There are no signs along the roads to guide visitors as they go along. I am living at a place called Top House in the district of Dalvey, St Thomas.

On several occasions, someone in Top House had to go with visitors and show the way to the lighthouse. I see this as time and money wasted on the part of those visitors.

I am calling on the minister of works, Omar Davies, to help maintain this road, to improve its quality, and get some directional signs erected at those intersections leading to the lighthouse from Golden Grove.

We are to be grateful to visitors coming to do research on our landmark, one so important and well-known as our lighthouse, which was erected in 1842 by the British government.


Top House

Dalvey, St Thomas