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Christmas is in the air: Communities spruce up for Yuletide season

Published:Tuesday | December 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Nine-year-old Shantoy Donville helps to beautify her community of Grants Pen, St Andrew, as part of the Christmas beautification project.-PHOTOS BY Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer
Residents of August Town at work.
Residents of Tivoli Gardens engage in Christmas work.

LOOKING FORWARD to the money he will be earning from the Christmas-work programme in his August Town, St Andrew, community, Donald Rutherford intends to "certainly buy a Clarks and give the lady a ting to buy food and ting".

"Me never have nothing, so when mi get the work, mi jump up fast and say mi ready," Rutherford said.

He was among a number of residents in communities across Kingston and St Andrew who were busy yesterday beautifying their communities as part of the annual community-work programme for the festive season.

Armed with machetes as they busily bushed the John Golding Road, Rutherford and crew said they felt it was important to keep the community beautiful and clean.

"I plan to work on my house with the money mi get," Lloyd Allen told The Gleaner. "A nuh much, but it come in handy and mi want to finish up mi house."

For Donovan Gordon, he has no special plans for his earnings.

"Mi just grateful for it, it can do something," he stated.

In the Grants Pen community in St Andrew, the residents were out from as early as 5 a.m. painting the walls, bushing the sides of the road and filling in potholes.

"We like to see the place clean and pretty," stated Ucliffe Dyer, who plans to enjoy the Christmas with "nuff party and tings".

Nine-year-old Shantoy Donville wasn't to be left out of the work, as she was busy painting to "make the place pretty".

Lorna Locke shared that the newly beautified community would be hosting a Christmas treat this weekend.


Over by Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, the residents were busy bushing Industrial Terrace as part of the week-long project.

"It make a big difference to know nothing neva a gwaan but we get a work fi eat a small food," noted Robert Swaby.

"Mi have something can spend pon mi youth fi mek sure him enjoy himself for the Christmas."

Sharon Plummer plans to spend her "little earnings" on her daughter, while Marjorie Hinds intends to purchase food for her children.

The greatest need several of the residents expressed, however, was to get permanent employment.

"We grateful for the little work, but we woulda prefer get a permanent job fi take care a we family," stated Plummer.

Each year, members of parliament are allocated funds through the Constituency Development Fund to carry out projects in their constituencies for the Christmas season.