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Storm in a teacup, Mr Thwaites

Published:Tuesday | December 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM


I have seen where the goodly minister of education, Mr Ronald Thwaites, is going to seek parliamentary intervention to stop the recruitment of high-school athletes by 'brand-name' high schools.

Now, Mr Editor, is this minister really serious? This country has so many pressing and serious economic and social issues and our minister of education is willing to go to Parliament to waste precious time to stop this practice?

Mr Thwaites, I know that you mean well, but you need to put in the proper infrastructure in our high schools and equip them with the relevant resources so that there is a levelling of the playing field.

Sir, as long as these poor infrastructural conditions exist in our high schools, we will continue to have students migrating to the traditional and better-organised schools. As a matter of fact, most of these students have the desire to represent these schools because they believe that they can afford them the greatest opportunities to maximise their potential.

Mr Thwaites, if your son was a talented footballer, would you want him to represent Clan Carthy High School? Do you believe that school could provide the opportunities for him to be the best footballer he could be?

It's a student's fundamental right to attend a school of his\her choice as long as it does not breach any rules.

Mr Minister, kindly use your time for more important issues.