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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | December 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Where are the police?

1 Residents in some rural communities are wondering whether the police are on some sort of industrial action because they have been subject to multiple burglaries, many of them committed in daylight. How is it possible that in one St Ann community thieves visited one home twice in a week, among the items stolen were a plasma television and laptops, and in that same neighbourhood, six other householders were robbed in one week. Obviously the robbers felt comfortable enough to make repeat visits.

Dem wutless vouchers

2 Some worthless supermarket vouchers have shoppers miffed. It seemed like a good thing that customers were handed vouchers for money spent. And while the pleasant cashiers assured them they could spend the vouchers at any time, it turned out they had expiry dates which no one bothered to point out. So when persons turned up to try and cash in, they were directed to the expiry dates and even a day late was not being honoured. Since the vouchers are 'earned', why should they not be valid for a reasonable period of time?

White powder mystery

3 Could it be that the white substance seen around the manager's desk was deliberately placed there by an underling who wants her job? The white powder mystery has the entire office in a tizzy and everyone wants to have their doors locked at nights.

Unhealthy situation

4 They are not divorced. However, as the wife likes to tell everyone, they live separate lives. They each have designated quarters in the matrimonial home and have been entertaining as they deem fit. Friends believe that this is a recipe for disaster and have warned them about the likely consequences. But for now, no one is listening.