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Henriques tops 'Rappa Pam Pam'

Published:Tuesday | December 18, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Orville Henriques turns to fire at his next target during the 'Rappa Pam Pam' tournament at the Manchester Rifle and Pistol Club.-photo by Richard Bryan

Richard Bryan, Gleaner Writer

Rappa Pam Pam, the Manchester Rifle and Pistol Club (MRPC) final shooting tournament of the year, offered a lot of thrills, a few new stages, but had the same winner as last year's debut tournament, Orville Henriques.

Despite managing just fourth on stage six, which featured two steel targets, a swinging hostage prototype and a partially visible paper target, Henriques was impressive on the next six to top all shooters by 24 per cent. He was also 13 seconds faster overall. E. Grant, who finished a disappointing ninth, won stage six titled 'Crazy Me'.

Female shooter Sue Ann Henriques was second overall, defeating E Dixon by less than three points, though each finished on 76 per cent overall. R Mendez (72%) was fourth and R Robertson (61%) was fifth. Two female shooters were featured on the 15-shooter card.

In addition to the shooting contest, they day's activities catered for children with a bounce-a-bout. They were later served ice cream and cake.

"It was a nice tournament to finish off what has been a tough year. People (generally) can only afford to spend on the essentials and we really appreciate those who have decided to focus on security or spend a little on the sport," Henriques, who is the chairman of MRPC, told The Gleaner.