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Asafa's tees & shorts

Published:Friday | December 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The sub-10 king, Asafa Powell, wears his title on his chest as he debuted his T-shirt line to our lifestyle journalist at his home recently. -contributed

Garfene Grandison, Gleaner Writer

When the Today team visited the sub-10 king at his upper St Andrew address last week, the young athlete was all smiles as he was all set to talk about his newest 'babies' which have many fans excited since they got wind of it in the media.

His new clothing line and a 2014 calendar are just a few of the things that he has up his sleeves which he is anxious to share with his fans. Since the debut of the clothing line on his new website, Powell said that it was something that he was always thinking about but wasn't ready because he didn't have the right team around him to do the work. Now equipped with such a team, he shares that the clothing line was mostly designed by himself and others out of his camp, with the input of fans and friends via his social media.

"We are currently focusing on T-shirts now, but the ladies wanted to be included and wanted something a bit sexier so we went with the booty shorts," he chuckled. He continued: "The babies couldn't be left out so there are items such as onsies and even maternity wear." The athlete spoke about getting the items in stores such as Carby's and Western Sports for regular Jamaicans to purchase, but also noted that they are available on his website under the banner shopasafa.

Now on to the well-anticipated calendar for 2014. Why 2014? we asked. "The 2013 calendars were on the shelves from September so it seemed pretty late to get one out for 2013 and I didn't want to miss the full opportunities that it could bring," he states. The calendar seemed to be quite a surprise to many knowing his shy demeanour. However, he mentioned that it was something that people wouldn't expect from him. "The calendar is just a way of letting go of the shyness. I'm naturally shy but I've grown out of it, and since I'm in the spotlight much more now it has really lessened."

Since seeing many of the pictures for the upcoming calendar, the question of modelling came up. The athlete hasn't crossed the gig off his to-do list for the future, but tells us that it won't happen right now because of time constraints. However, he sees himself changing his mind if a major campaign comes his way, like Gucci or Dolce and Gabanna.

Life after track

The controversial athlete has laughed in the faces of the naysayers who speak of his retirement. "I have a few more years to go, about five more to be exact, and that's long in the life of an athlete so I wouldn't call that soon," he says.

In regard to the naysayers, Powell had this to say, "People are there to motivate other people and I think the naysayers are there to do just that, and I just use what they say to push myself even further," he ended. However, the track star already knows what direction he wants his life to head into after track and field. "I want to be a businessman. I've been in the sport for a very long time but I am not sure I want to stay in the sport. I have other dreams that I want to pursue, like my clothing line that I just started and, of course, my cars," he ended. Powell intends to own a number of garages across the island.

The Christmas season will see Asafa Powell in a charitable mood as he will be hosting a Christmas dinner for the children of the Jerusalem Children's Home in Spanish Town.