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The snakes are here!

Published:Friday | December 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Elinor Thompson shares the spotlight with David Reid.-photos by ColinHamilton/Freelance Photographer
Mother and daughter Doreen (left) and Jennifer Rickards are always together.
From left: Lady Hall, patron of the Woman's Club of St Andrew, Blossom Hakasson, its president, Lady McIntyre and Hope Zacca, pose for the camera.
Kenny Benjamin (left), chairman of the Guardsman Group and executive chairman of the Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation, explains his plans for the zoo to head of Wisynco, William Mahfood at Tuesday's Flow press briefing held at Hope Zoo.-Colin Hamilton/Freelance Photographer

Sacha Walters-Gregory, Staff Reporter

Kenny Benjamin, executive chairman of the Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation, announced that four pairs of snakes arrived on December 18 to be added to the list of animals at the zoo.

Benjamin made the announcement at a press briefing on December 18, where Flow contributed J$25 million in cash and services to be dispersed over three years towards the rehabilitation of the zoo.

"Significant progress has been made to resurrect the facility from dilapidation to a now flourishing green space. It boasts infrastructural transformations such as new paths, gazebos, animal enclosures and water features while several animals like emus, reptiles, monkey and budgerigars have been introduced, with plans to bring in more lions and tigers," said Benjamin about the facilities. He noted that conservation efforts are also high on the zoo's agenda. Previously, iguanas were thought to be extinct in Jamaica, but they found some of the animals and have since been on a drive to return them to the wild. They have released approximately 200 young iguanas back into the wild.

"In addition to the beautification and animal additions, we will also continue the very successful, internationally acclaimed conservation project which has begun and has so far helped save our indigenous iguanas from extinction," said Benjamin.