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Birthday treats

Published:Friday | December 21, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Ian Levy
Jeffrey Cobham
Odessa Chambers

And the birthday celebrations continue. Those celebrating include: author and radio personality Alrick Robinson; the lovely Dawn McLean; the talented Eladio Garth, now at Sunset Jamaica Grande, over there in Ocho Rios; north coast habitué, Charles Johnson, from Washington, DC; and the lovely Pervin Hassan McKenzie, in the UK, who all celebrate their birthday today.

Celebrating tomorrow, the 22nd, will be: the esteemed Kingsley Thomas; former banker and patron of the arts Jeff Cobham; businessman Hugh Scott; the celebrated Gregory Mayne; the fab Jodi Munn-Barrow; the oh-so-charming Odessa Chambers; banker Taneisha Smith of FCIB; Wunderkind photographer Luca Khouri; the fab Latoya Morris; the charming Joan Mitchell, now resident of Ocala, Florida; the lovely Petrona Rhoden, now resident of Brooklyn, New York; the gorgeous Nadea Farquharson, also in Brooklyn, New York; the fab Renée Robinson, in Toronto, Canada; and Alton Messado, in Surrey, British Colombia.

And on Sunday the 23rd: Godfrey Lothian; the lovely Audrey-May Jolly; the lovely Sophia Murray; the fab Sabrina Williams, now in Florida; the celebrated Dave Rodney, in the Big Apple; Carl Tulloch, in London, England; one-time model and entertainer Kurt Hentley, now in Bilbao, Spain; the fab Randa Moran, wife of James Moran former head of mission, EU Delegation to Jamaica, now in Cairo, Egypt, will all share the same birthday.

double the celebrations

On Monday the 24th, it will be feverish for many on the very eve of Christmas. Among those celebrating will be: the dapper Dennis Lee; the fabulous Terrie-Ann Creary; the enterprising Courtney Walker; the affable Darrel Brown; Michael Henry; the lovely Franceen Duffus, over in Montego Bay; the fab Fiona Falina Pajotte, in San Fernando, Trinidad; Dre Morris, now in Toronto, Canada; and the fabulous Christine Gillett, in the UK.

And come next Tuesday, the 25th, Christmas Day, it will be double the celebrations for: clothier to the rich and fabulous, the stunning Sophia MaxBrown; hotelier Carol Bourke; the charming Thelma Johill; the tres elegant Barbara Hart; Romario Similion; the lovely Anna-Kay Williams; Errol Yarru; the lovely Rosemarie Ennis; Milton Scarlett; the fab Carol McBean, over there in Morant Bay, St Thomas; the charming Cherry Merlene Jackson, from Hertford, Westmoreland, now in Stuart, Florida; Noel Alton Berley, in Newark, NJ; the fab Melva Morris, formerly of Linstead, St Catherine, now in Freeport, New York; and Wayne Simmonds, in Birmingham, in the UK, are all Christmas babies.

And on Boxing Day, Wednesday the 26th: the iconic legal luminary and legend Hugh Hart; the fab onetime model and businesswoman Sharon Beckdord; the charming Judith Manning; the lovely Karlene Craig; businessman Cheddy Parchment, in Runaway Bay; the head-turning, gorgeous Diana Johnson, over in Montego Bay; Uriel White, in Panama City, Panama; the fabulous Candace Dujon Buchannan, in New York; and David Beaupin, in Limoges, France, will be celebrating their very special birthday.

And come next Thursday the 27th: the talented musician and pilot Rupert Bent; the lovely Barbara Chambers; Charles Allwood; Fred Bailey of Unisol Business Services; the fab Damali Little-White; David Walford Samuels; the lovely Patricia Brown, over in Ocho Rios, St Ann; the fab Alesia Foster, also in Ocho Rios; the fab Gina Jarrett-Alder, now residing in Weston, Florida, will make it a very special day of celebrations.

And belated birthday wishes to: businessman Ian Levy, who celebrated last Friday.

The matriarch of the Chen family, the charmingly fab Gloria Chen, who celebrated her 80th birthday last Saturday.

The multi-talented singer, entertainer and award-winning fashion designer and reigning member of the fabulocracy, Ashley Martin, who celebrated her special day on Monday of this week. Also celebrating is the affable Dennis Lee.

Many happy returns all around, with champagne toasts and beluga treats.