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Robert MacMillan's party of parties!

Published:Sunday | December 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Susan Alexander (left) and Glynne Manley. - . - Photo by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
From left: Robert MacMillan, Joan Issa-Padgett and Maxine Williams. - Photo by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

It is indeed the season to be jolly and when it comes to throwing parties and/or soirées, none does it better than Rotarian of long-standing, mover, shaker and philanthropist, the indomitable Robert MacMillan, honorary consul of Iceland.

When it comes to throwing a party, there needs be no special occasion for MacMillan.

Indeed, the bon vivant will confide that he, in fact, does enjoy entertaining, and so much so that sometimes the trigger for throwing one is an inspiration drawn from a piece of art, a period photograph, a movie theme, or just because!

Well, on Saturday of last week, one of Kingston's most celebrated sons and heir to the oldest advertising legacy in this region opened up the door to his regally appointed and styled residence in upper St Andrew, and hosted what was easily one of the most charming seasonal events.

To be sure, this was not your average party to spread Christmas cheers. This, my dears, was a party of a different flavour, inspired by the movie, Godfather. The very invitation was a take-off conversation between Marlon Brando and his son, Al Pacino, and parlayed into a very chic invite that went out to a critically hand-picked shortlist of friends.

Indeed, the invitation illicited a chuckle or two, as the dress code stated, "Wear Anything But A Wire".

And so it was, in the spirit of bon homie, that friends gathered at Villa MacMillano for poolside drinks. The villa, with Corinthian columns ringing its grand parapet, is accentuated by a concert grand steinway, which holds pride of place on the veranda deck overlooking the pool.

The city's leading personalities and social arbiters were all out, dressed to thrill for what was expected to be an evening of banter and goodwill. And goodwill there was aplenty, as Joel Moder-Asbourn, the multitalented son of Peter Ashbour and wife, Rosina Moder Asbourn, entertained beautifully on piano. Guests sipped on libations and shared anecdotal bon mots.

True to the script, the host did not disappoint, as midway into the evening, he took the microphone and, to thunderous recorded ovation, and in his very best Don Corleone imitation, announced that dinner was indeed served - and what a fare it proved to be!

Luvs, Island Grill did the partying honours, their new jerked pork and grilled chicken adding just the right touch of spice to an already spicy evening, made so by civilised wit and enchanting society!

And with two of high society's preferred waiters - Richard Douglas and Dwight Henriques - doing the waiting honours, y'all know libations flowed like the Rio Cobre in full spate, while nibbles were always a mere nod away!

'Don Corleone' made one more appearance for the night, bring greetings from the families across the United States, and with his duties done, spent the evening seeing to the ease and comfort of his guests, adding to the familial atmosphere that punctuated the evening!

Indeed, it was one vary charming night and nothing but. Sharing felicitations and toasts were Mrs Glynne Manley; Dennis Lalor; Oliver Clarke; Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Erica; Mrs Peggy Blades and her daughter Susan Scott; Christopher Bovell and his wife, Michelle; Charles Hanna; John and Mary Ramson; Susan Alexander; Earl Levy and wife, Beverley; Junor Levy; Kenny Benjamin; Joanne Issa-Padgett; Richard Drake and his wife, Jill; Godleive Van Den Bergh; Luis Martinez and his wife, Gertrudis Martinez; Antonio Da Costa E. Silva; Alex Crowther; Paul Brummwell and his wife, Adriana Brummwell; Gary Rex; Ingrid Rex; Bruno Jouannen; Dr Arun Kashyap; Ainsley Henriques and wife, Marjorie; Clelia Barreto de Hunter; Everoy and Nina Chin; Russell and Carole Hadeed; Monsignor Richard Albert; John Lynch; Nicola Crosswell; Patrick Lynch and his wife Marguerite; Peter Millingen; Ian and Cecilia Levy; Sylvia Collister; Terry Pearce and Carol MacMillan; Steve Ashley; Dieka Morrison; William Tavares-Finson and his wife, Sandy; Donovan Perkins and his wife, Michelle Perkins; Jennifer Scott; Peter Hilary and Peta-Gaye McConnell; Jeffery Lesker; Andrea Bickhoff-Benjamin; Peta-Gaye MacMillan-Wong and son, Dylan Wong; Maxine Williams; Maree Sigurdsson; Mike Hirst and his wife Jennifer; Earl and Doreen Patrick; John Burroughs and Judy Markes Burrowes; Doug and Karen Brown; Micky Hill and Dwayne Fuller; Sasha Walker; plus a number of others.

It was indeed one starry night, and fabulously so!