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All for you, Madam PM

Published:Sunday | December 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller (right) shares a photo op with mayor of Kingston Angela Brown Burke (centre) and Syringa Marshall-Burnett. - Contributed Photo
Beverley Anderson-Duncan (right) engages Senator Mark Golding in conversation.- Contributed Photo
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller arrives for her birthday celebration in the company of Minister Robert Pickersgill. - Contributed Photo
Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller doing a birthday waltz with Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill. - Contributed Photo

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller continues to demonstrate her unimpeachable character in style and administration, balancing her political needs and those of the country effortlessly. It was in realisation of her unflinching mettle and penchant for championing the right causes and fighting the good fight that her party, against her expressed wishes, hosted her to a celebratory birthday dinner on the occasion of her 67th birthday two Wednesdays ago to salute and lionise her.

Dears, it was a moment whose time had indeed come!

Hosted at the Talk of the Town Restaurant, atop The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, the affair was as fabulously charming as ever, a love-fest even, as ranking members of the party, the party executive and a handful of friends were dressed to the nines to break bread and salute the legendary and iconic leader of the People's National Party (PNP), and it made for a historic interlude.

In his salutation, chairman of the event and the chairman of the PNP, Robert Pickersgill, spoke to the many historic firsts that the party president had amassed on her way to the pinnacle of the political establishment. And, indeed, in any other society, such an achiever would have been celebrated and held up as a beacon of inspiration. Alas, in a country where the majority major in the minor, and a land where skimmed milk masquerades as cheese and is celebrated, some are more preoccupied from whence she cometh, as against where she goeth.

This, however, was a sterling celebration and salutation. As, indeed, the PNP president and prime minister, in her response, was as gracious as ever. Her unscripted response to the various tributes attests to the many roads she has travelled, her growth over the years, and her understanding of the awesome task and responsibility that is hers to provide leadership at this critical juncture of our evolution. And in her response, my dears, the prime minister signalled she was equal to the task.